Strolling through Rio

fotografias e textos Hans Mann

In Strolling through Rio the author has expressed not only his admiration for the city itself, but in the first place his deep affection for its inhabitants. As he states in his foreword : "Their apparent negligence is in reality joie de vivre, the smile of the Carioca, his nonchalant gait and the perilous case with which he rides the running boards of the tramcars, his way of doing business and talking about it, his attention to the fair sex, and the way he cuts loose in Carnival time, are as natural and in their place as the elegant palm-trees that sway so gracefully in the breeze."

Therefore it is the human element that gets most of the attention in this remarkable collection of pictures, showing all aspects of life in Rio de Janeiro – cidade maravilhosa. 

(FONTE: a publicação - original em inglês)

Strolling through Rio
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Contém fotografias adicionais de Manfred Bono, Armando Rosario e Foto Carlos.

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